For the most beneficial ant avoidance and extermination

Nuisance ants incorporate the subsequent: Odorous House Ants: two-3mm, dim brown or black bodies. These ants go away a putrid odor like rotting coconuts, especially when killed. Pavement Ants: 2-4mm, darkish brown bodies, and lighter legs. These ants nest during the cracks among pavement or beneath sidewalks, though their mounds at times emerge from these cracks. Small Black Ants: one-2mm, dim bodies. You will find these pests crawling around kitchens, bathrooms, and hiding inside the tiniest cracks. Argentine Ants: 4-six mm, brown bodies. This invasive species enjoys moist spots, just like the kitchen or rest room. They often drive out other insects. The occasional Las Vegas resident may stumble upon the dreaded fire ant. These bright pink ants only measure two-4mm in length, but their st...

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